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Turkmen women are complaining that the police are taking away their driving licences on spurious grounds, amid reports that the Central Asian country has quietly banned women from driving altogether. Since the weekend, groups of four traffic police have been routinely pulling over female drivers at the busiest junctions in the capital Ashgabat and searching their cars for any reason to take them off the road, according to Chronicles of Turkmenistan , a prominent opposition news site. If the woman owner refuses to have the car towed away herself, the police call a breakdown lorry to do the job,” Chronicles says. Witnesses reported up to 20 cars lined up along Independence and Neutrality Avenues at a time while their women drivers waited for the police inspection, estimating that vehicles were impounded on one day alone. The Turkmen service of US-backed Radio Liberty reported similar incidents on Saparmyrat Turkmenbasy Avenue in Ashgabat, complete with surreptitiously-taken photographs. The police have not mentioned any blanket ban on female drivers, but a witness told Radio Liberty’s correspondent that one officer said “we’ve been given an order that women aren’t to drive down major roads in the city”. The correspondent said the unpublished ban applies to policewomen too. One female officer told Radio Liberty that “last week all women in law-enforcement were told not to drive anywhere – we have to leave our cars at the station, and on no account take the wheel”. You may also be interested in:. Turkmen president wins motor rally Sexism row over German charity event Turkmen women in discos ‘risk arrest’.


As the Leader of Turkmenistan highlights, the culture is an endless source of power which promotes the formation of national peculiarities of every nation and serves as a spiritual bridge for unity. The Ministry of Culture is functioning in Turkmenistan, the activities of which are aimed at the accomplishment of the tasks in accordance with the State Programme for the Development of Cultural Sphere of Turkmenistan with a conceptual meaning of establishing favourable cultural environment, which, in turn, will help to realize the cultural and spiritual potential of every individual, people and the country as a whole.

The cultural policy of the State is implemented through the organization of educational and promotional activities, various events, including those at the international level. Consistent work is undertaken to widen the range and improve the quality of cultural services, increase their exposure to population, renew the repertoires of art groups, as well as the museum and library funds and coordinate the activities of the cultural institutions.

As of today, there are 10 state theatres 6 of them are in the capital , 1 circus, 2 cinema-concert centers and 36 state museums. Amanov, Library for the Blind and Deaf 3 branches and 1 point for books delivery , Centralized Library Network of Ashgabat 1 center, 21 branches.

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LGBT In Turkmenistan: Go To Jail Or Live A Lie

Citizens of Turkmenistan shall enter into a marriage with foreign citizens and stateless persons by making a marriage contract in which the property rights and obligations of spouses and the responsibility for bringing up children in case of the divorce are stipulated. The marriage contract shall be considered valid after it is signed by the partners entering into a marriage and after it is registered in the registry office.

Entering into a marriage of a citizen of Turkmenistan with a foreign citizen or a stateless person shall be implemented after the expiration of three months period after submission of the application, in some cases this term may be extended till six months. The marriage age for the citizens of Turkmenistan entering into a marriage with foreign citizens or stateless persons shall be established at eighteen years.

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My main areas of research interest to date have been twofold. First, I am interested in multivariate statistical methods that deal with robust estimation and outlier.

After Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan is the least densely populated of the Central Asian states. Much of its waterless expanse is inhospitable to plant and animal life. From to Turkmenistan was the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic, a constituent union republic of the Soviet Union; it declared independence on October 27, The capital is Ashgabat Ashkhabad , which lies near the southern border with Iran. Turkmenistan is located in the southwest of the Central Asia region.

It is bordered by Kazakhstan to the northwest, Uzbekistan to the north and east, Afghanistan to the southeast, Iran to the south, and the Caspian Sea to the west. Though Turkmenistan is the second largest country in Central Asia in terms of land area, most of the land consists of oases scattered amid otherwise uninhabitable desert.

Topographically, four-fifths of Turkmenistan consists of the southern part of the Turan Plain. Mountains and foothills rise mainly in the southern part of the republic, including the Kugitangtau and Kopet-Dag ranges. The Kopet-Dag is geologically young, its instability indicated by intermittent earthquakes of great destructive force.

Actor Imprisoned For Homosexuality In Turkmenistan

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Current local time in Turkmenistan – Ashgabat. Get Ashgabat’s weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Ashgabat’s sunrise and sunset, moonrise.

Think Middle Eastern hospitality — after three shots of vodka. Central Asia has long been the crossroads of empires from the ancient Persians through Genghis Khan, imperial Britain and Russia, and most recently as the southernmost tip of the Soviet Union. When the USSR crumbled in , the five Central Asian states became countries in their own right for the first time, and replaced communism with burgeoning national identities. Turkmenistan soon became known for the bizarre personality cult of the late President Niyazov, who died in , turning the capital Ashgabat into a shrine to himself, including a golden statue that rotated with the sun.

Descendants of nomadic desert tribes, the Turkmen infuse their Islam with animism. With such an unusual history, be prepared for a few wild travel moments.

Turkmenistan 2020 Crime & Safety Report

Merv, once an oasis-city on the historic Silk Road, is now the site of an archeological dig. The writers also visited the mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar, considered a pearl of Islamic architecture, and met with librarians at the Mary library. Department of State, are designed to introduce American writers to a country or region with a relatively sparse history of literary liaisons with the United States and strengthen ties between creative communities.

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Turkmenistan, second largest country of Central Asia. Though long home As of this date 1 (new) manat (TMT) = 5, (old) manat (TMM). 3Estimate of United.

Trip Operator: Undiscovered Destinations. Delve into the history of this fascinating region with our small group tour to Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Cross the border into Turkmenistan to visit the ancient cities of Merv and Konye-Urgench, and its unique capital Ashgabat. Spend time in stunning Tajikistan with its incredible mountain scenery, get off the beaten track at Penjikent and Termez, and enjoy Uzbek hospitality in a mountain village.

A superb introduction to the Silk Road. Day 1 — Tashkent Arrive in Tashkent and transfer to the hotel. Depending on your time of arrival, you may have time to explore the city. Overnight at Shodlik Palace or similar. Day 2 – Khiva Fly to Urgench and transfer to Khiva, a stunning city with a wealth of ancient monuments. We spend the afternoon exploring its sites, including its many mosques, medressas and mausoleums of former rulers.

Overnight Malika Khiva Hotel or similar. Later there will be time for you to explore on your own. B Day 4 — Konye-Urgench – Ashgabat We cross the border into little known Turkmenistan and head for the site of Konye-Urgench, an ancient capital of the land of Khorezm with beautiful mausoleums.

Asuman Turkmen

Ancient Merv, in Turkmenistan, is one of the most complex and well-preserved urban centres on the Silk Roads of Central Asia. A succession of major cities at Merv started in the 6th century BC and continued until the Mongol sack of AD, although Mongol occupation, a resurgent Timurid city of the 15th century, and expansion in the 19th century continues the urban sequence. Together the walled urban areas covered more than ha.

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Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia. The government is in firm control of nearly everything, although, surprisingly, tourism is welcomed as long as you don’t discuss politics or the omnipresent police or military. The cult of personality the previous president created for himself is truly amazing and reminders of the Turkmenbashi’s legacy are everywhere. The traditional life of the Turkmen is that of nomadic shepherds, though some have been settled in towns for centuries.

The country is known for its fine carpets one is even featured in its flag and horses. It is a fairly poor country that has been isolated from the world. Other than that, billions have been spent on modernization in Ashgabat , Turkmenbashi , and many other cities in post-Soviet times.

3 Stans: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan

To his friends and colleagues in Turkmenistan, Kamil is a successful cardiologist working at a prestigious clinic and an eligible bachelor from a well-connected family. Only a few people in his close family circle are aware of Kamil’s real struggle: He is secretly gay. In Turkmenistan, where homosexuality is a crime and shunned by the Central Asian country’s conservative society, being gay means having to choose between living a lie or facing up to two years in prison and a lifetime of disgrace.

After finishing high school in Turkmenistan, Kamil went to Belarus to study medicine.

Dating usage smart dating academy phone meet in Turkmenistan is under tight control of the government. We have six to eight seasons worth of material.

Ancient ruined city situated on the silk road dating from the 4th century, sacked by Genghis Khan in the 13th century and then abandoned. The ancient city is surrounded by a mud wall which surrounds a huge area. A lot of the city is lost and you will definitely need a car, and an English speaking guide or other as applicable , to move around and fully understand the significance.

There are a few high points which are worth climbing in order to get a panoramic view of the entire site. Best accessed from Mary Mari which is about 30km from Merv. A must see attraction in Turkmenistan irrespective of whether you are a Silk Road buff,. Merv was in ancient times an important way station on the Great Silk Road between the 2nd and the 13th centuries, when it was sacked by the Mongols.

These ancient ruins fascinating and well worth a visit. The views from one of the peaks is spectacular. You can almost feel the history. Merv is located about 22 miles from the city of Mary. Merv is a long and bumpy ride from Mary but definitely worth it. I am a history buff and had read an amazing book about Central Asia and its contribution to medieval knowledge. Merv played a central role and at one time 12c had over a million inhabitants.

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