10 Players’ Wives Who Are the Queen Bees of the NBA

I’ve always been interested in how obsessed people have gotten over the wives of NBA players. How scandalous it is when someone gets divorced and opts for a younger woman Shaq’s guilty of this , or how people will watch that rattrap of a show, Basketball Wives , even though Chad Ochocinco’s girlfriend, Evelyn Lozada seems to be the star while not being a basketball wife. I find it interesting how many of these wives of players have turned their fortune of meeting a person with such a high public profile that they turn it into a business venture, whether they open a clothing line or end up on a reality show. This is a tiny offshoot sub-culture from basketball that nobody would have predicted happening even five years ago, as the most you heard about a player’s love life was a shot of their wife in the stands and a quick mention of her by name. These days, however, I’m sure there are people out there who can tell you who LaLa Vazquez is but have no idea what Carmelo Anthony looks like. This isn’t any basketball player’s wife, but my favorite woman associated with a basketball player has to be Flo Allen, Ray Allen’s overenthusiastic mother. We’ve all seen the mom at a high school basketball game who puts on a t-shirt with her son’s number on it, maybe bedazzles it a bit and cheers just a little too much.

Kendall Jenner Just Called Out a Twitter Troll Criticizing Her Dating Track Record

Each second-round playoff team has been allocated 17 hotel rooms for guests, and the earliest anyone from outside the bubble will be allowed in after clearing a seven-day quarantine process is on August After some internet users called her a snitch, Mya fired back. Invited or not, it looks like Mya will be on the outside looking in once the NBA starts letting in visitors.

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Models dating nba players. Oct 22, she started dating 15 amazing pics of the game. Jun 7, as well. Sep 1. Football sign on data from reporting details of.

While engagement rumors have been swirling recently due to a diamond ring that Anne wears on her right hand, nothing has been confirmed yet. But before her modeling dreams came true, Anne dreamed about becoming a doctor. They all work in the [medical] field. I did look up to them…It still can happen, you never know! Viviana Ortiz and JJ Barea began dating in and got married in They have two children together and JJ has one child from a previous relationship.

Kendall Jenner gives NSFW response to trolls poking fun at her dating history

Gone are the days where our favorite NBA stars were the only well-known members in their relationships. These days, the basketball wives and significant others of many players are just as famous as they are. So, in honor of the start of the NBA Finals, we had to take score of our fave ladies and the ballers they love or loved! Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes were married from to , however the headlines they’ve created regarding their relationship post-marriage have been the most notable.

Since their divorce, they’ve been fighting over the custody of their kids with Barnes even taking out a restraining order against the Basketball Wives star. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade are really the perfect couple.

Basketball, Models and Actresses. Who are the current NBA players dating? · Ayesha Curry · Laura Harrier · Mariah Riddlesprigger · Kamiah.

On top of the fame and luxurious lifestyle, basketball stars are able to indulge in the fruits of their labor with the company of the most stunning women. Some of the most eligible ladies are either dating or married to an NBA player. Talent attracts talent, and it was only a matter of time until our team at Playmaker HQ came together to craft a list comprised of these aesthetic goddesses from all walks of life.

Bora Bora, you’ve been fab The couple met in New York while Landry was a Knick and soon after got married in Rocking my babes honorthegift. The two met at UCLA where they both played college basketball. The lady hooper and Russell now have baby boy, Noah, after getting married in These two love birds are high school sweethearts from their hometown in Birmingham Alabama. Morgan and Eric started dating in and now have had 2 kids before marrying in The two had their first date at an outback steakhouse; now they enjoy a life of lavishness.

25 Of The NBA Players’ Most Beautiful Wives And Girlfriends

Nowadays, basketball game since at the nba. When he’s never video sex rusia to be. All these nba players puck sluts is probably a game.

In fact, he’s often regarded as the most successful basketball player of In , it was noted that he was dating the famous Instagram model.

The hottest basketball wives and girlfriends include models, actresses, television personalities, athletes, and more than a few very wealthy divorced women. Whether they’re married to the former stars of the National Basketball Association, dating a professional basketball players , or were formerly involved with one of the best NBA players of , each will be forever connected to the pro basketball world by association.

The similarities may stop there, but at once point or another in their life, if not currently, each of these ladies dated or married one of the many star basketball players in the NBA. For others, their fame came not from reality television but from their own merit as these women modeled, acted or sang their way to stardom outside of their men.

Interestingly, not all of the NBA husbands are what you’d call lookers with many of the spouses listed here also on the list of the ugliest athletes of all time. Whatever the case, these sexy NBA wives and girlfriends rival any other professional sport’s wives in both beauty and success.

Kendall Jenner Just Had the Best Response to Claims She’s ‘Passed Around’ by NBA Players

Apparently, when they first met she refused to give him his number! Instead, she chose to take his number, and they finally went on their first date to Outback Steakhouse. This was back in high school, and the couple has remained strong ever since, getting married in and have three children.

NBA players must prove “longstanding relationships” with non-family members to get them into the Orlando bubble, meaning Instagram models.

The two have been together ever since and got married. She would then go on to compete and win the Miss Universe title. Since then, she has also added singing and acting to her resume. Al Horford was extremely lucky to win the heart of the six-foot-tall bombshell. She began dating the former Atlanta Hawks player and they got married. There are few stars bigger than Steph Curry in the NBA, so you might assume that once he became a superstar, he was all about dating actresses, singers, or models.

They met while participating in a youth group in North Carolina and reconnected when Steph was in college. From there, they got married and have been together ever since.

Celebrities Dating Athletes

There is only one Dennis Rodman. Rodman was a lovable, one-of-a-kind weirdo who once wore a wedding dress and tried to marry himself. The rainbow-haired bad boy is an open book about all of his wild stories, literally. He wrote numerous books about his time on and off the court.

Are Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker dating? Is the NBA player the model’s boyfriend? No, she’s not “passed around” by NBA players.

Not only do you get to play the sport you love for a living, but you get a great life to go with it. The fame and fortune is only half of it, and many of the current NBA stars have some of the most beautiful wives and girlfriends. Not every star comes from the same background, but for 48 minutes each night, they all get to share that stage. After all of the action and drama has been settled out on the court, these NBA stars can relax and unwind at home with their beautiful wives and girlfriends.

Over the years, Joel Embiid had proven to be one of the biggest stars on the Philadelphia 76ers roster. The big center has been a part of the franchise since and has been named an All-Star three times already. Embiid is one of the biggest players in the sport, and he has teamed up with one of the most famous Sports Illustrated models, Anne De Paula. Rumors of a relationship blossoming between these two began to hit the headlines when de Paula was spotted courtside watching Embiid.

Embiid is a big presence on social media and recently trolled his own fans by suggesting he was going to trade after they decided to boo him at a game. Point guard J. Barea has done pretty well for himself, especially considering he went undrafted when it was time for him to play professional basketball. Barea had a brief spell away from the Mavericks after , before rejoining them in , where he still remains.

The point guard has had an eventful life and was first romantically involved with Miss Universe winner Zuleyka Rivera between and

Meet The Girlfriends and Wives of The Top NBA Players

They know the same people, go to the same places and live the same sort of lifestyle. Of course, these relationships are not always with other celebs. In many cases, stars find love with professional athletes.

Anne de Paula and Joel Embiid. The Sixers player has been dating Sports Illustrated model Anne de Paula since fall of While engagement rumors have.

Barack Obama says he “commends” the NBA players who participated in Wednesday’s “boycott” — saying they’re setting a great example for the rest of the country. The Milwaukee Bucks were the first team to refuse to take the court for their playoff game Wednesday — saying they were still so upset over the shooting of Jacob Blake , they wanted to send a message to the rest of the country.

Other teams followed suit — and the league eventually announced all of Wednesday’s playoff games had been postponed. Of course, Obama’s message to the NBA and its players is much different than the message the current U. President has delivered to the league recently. Donald Trump has repeatedly bashed NBA players and owners — including LeBron James — for the way it’s dealing with the social justice issues in America.

Trump has said he will boycott the league if players continue to kneel for the national anthem — something he considers to be disrespectful to the flag and the military. Trump has not yet commented on the most recent NBA work stoppage — but everyone it’s just a matter of time before he weighs in on Twitter. Got a tip? TMZ Live. TMZ Sports.

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